Scene on a rainy night

Like flashes from a DSLR, the dark sky flickers with light.

The darkness is forgotten for a moment, as the rain thunders on.

“Boom, boom”, the clouds cry out; below a stream grows wild.

The oft-repeated “tipper-tapper” romanticised picture of the rain is forgotten;

What becomes clear now is the fury of nature.

“Lights out”, Thor seems to command; few seem to listen.

’tis no forest here and the woods are clear. And even in the darkness, the view appears dear.

The light shines on on a few houses there

and a few houses ‘ere.

But our own temples seem so bare.

Suddenly, on the horizon a false moon rises, trying to break free from the clouds.

At the time when the night and day meet, and the rising skyline shines bright, as the hills recede.

“What have we done? What have we done?”

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