Another night

Oh Cobain you burnt out half a generation too soon.

If you were alive, you would kill yourself all over again.

The pains of our singular personalities, are the burdens of the masses today.

The weight on our collective shoulders grows heavier each day.

What cruel world we have inherited,


Our human coil lasts forever

and a moist Cigarette burns out in a flash


a Single Drop.

The stench of our filth grows stronger.

The rain cleanses, not our bodies but bares the soul naked.

This is the world the meek have inherited today.

The lighting still flashes from behind the sea of dark.

The thunder rages and the rain falls steadily, cautiously,

on the ground below.

It serves no purpose but to degrade and deride us further.

Oh there is no prayer that can SOS us tonight.

There is no emotion but fear.

One thought on “Another night

  1. “Self proclaiming preachers tongue showing the righteous way……
    life’s a lie to be just black or white; there are places for the grey….
    but then pictures which fits the paradigm, that will only stay.”


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